Me Against All Odds



I wish everybody who whishes me something double the things he wishes me.

Happy New Year's Eve


 Time again for...


... our popular game: YOU HAD TO BE THERE

That's when I'm hysterically laugh, prate, or cry about something, where YOU were absent. And here we go...

Wowieeee, did you see that before on TV? Me did not know they had such bombs. Awesome. I mean, how can they let them do this? This is pure provocation of people. Unfathomable. How can a man (or woman to be politically and sexually fair) keep one's countenance with this before one's eyes?

That's it, I'm out.


 I'm in Trouble


Got some serious problem here. In my usual obliviousness I forgot to buy some beverages. Question: How long can one live with tap water, before you're sick of it? My personal best: 2 mins 43 secs.

Lucky me, I also forgot two bottles of fine wheat beer in the fridge. Typing becomes harder after that but this entry itself is part of my well-known, praised and dilly empathetic customer special service.

You don't know what I'm babbling about? Fine, me neither. That makes us two. And it always takes two to tango... Booohoooo, I always wanted to say this. Now I did and nobody will read it. I'll never get this chance again. I'm going to cry now. Leave. Now! Will ya? *sob*


 Alive! Finally!


My Internet connection, of course. Or do I sense quirky doubts 'bout that?

But, due to bothering my provider twice about my mysteriously missing modem, I now am a proud owner of two (2) DSL-Modem. Hooray for German bureaucracy. Don't know what to do with the second one. Ideas, anyone?


 Hard Times Being Me


My new Internet provider kicks ass! They forgot to send a fucking DSL modem. Hell, I ordered a new phone line AND DSL.
Freaky, 'scuse me, Friendly Call-Center person: 'Lemme see, You ordered a DSL modem? Can't see that here.'
ME: 'I got an ordering confirmation, which speaks clearly of a modem.'
Call-Center-Droid: 'Huuhh, I'll check that. Ooops... you got that right. I'll have a modem sent straight to you.'
ME: 'Guess that's ok.'
Droid: 'This will take about 5 or so days.'
ME: 'Gotcha!'

Sometimes I hate being myself. While whining and writing this, 3 of 5 days remain and still, I got no connection to the brave new world of The Internet. Anyway, I will survive this test. I think...


 All Way Down


Got rid of that old design. Couldn't see it anymore. Who the hell likes a totally grey site with no more than a few not-even-funny writings? No freak-out visual overkill causing bad eyes and stuff. Blah

Noticed the difference yet? New design has cool features. All css and such clever things no one would ever think of doing it THIS way. K, same old still-not-funny writings, but hey! Looks cool now, doesn't?